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  • SZ-AM022
  • SZ-AM022
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:SZ-AM022
    • Product NO.:03
    • Frequency: 58KHZ±200Hz

      Working voltage:220V/110V

      Working Mode: TX&RX /mono (need next)

      Detection : soft label 1600mm, hard tags 2500mm

      Dimension: 395mmx200mmx120mm

      Material: High Strong HIPS 

      Color: Grey 

      Package:2pc/ctn , main md9.2 kg/ next 7.1 kg



  • Features
  • Field effect
  • Recommended
  • The detection range of SZ-AM022 is the largest in the field of the EAS system , the product orientationis High-end redail stores .

    Specification : with the function of independent channel alarming and special PC software debugging .

    The detection range of hard tags can reach 3.2m , and the soft label can reach 1.8m .

    Product advantage :

    1.The system can be adjust to transmitter or receiver and mono , the protection range can reach 0.75-1.1m for soft label ,

    and 1.6-1.8m for hard tag (is 45mm).

    2.A main controller can carry 3 antennas , and alarm in single channel .

    3.The main controller is separated from the antenna , can be adjusted by the PC software .

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