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  • SZ-G930
  • SZ-G930
  • SZ-G930
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:SZ-G930
    • Product NO.:07
    • Frequency:8.2MHz±50HZ

      working mode:Tx&Rx

      detection:soft label900~1200mm   hard tag:2000mm


      material:acrylic panel & aluminium frame


      package:1pc/ctn, 0.075cbm,12kg

  • Features
  • Field effect
  • Recommended
  • G930A based on the Dual crossbar frame antenna uses the new algorithms of digital filter and Powerful PIC

     program controller instead the Antiquated SCM procedures to Achieve a stronger anti-interference performance 

    and higher sensitivity and automatic adaption to the environment function,which function is far more better than

     the old system.The specific features are as follows:

    1.In the design of the circuit,the main part and the core part use a completely new working model.The core part apply

     newly High-speed PIC controller,coordinating Filtering algorithm with stringent procedures to achieve accurate detection 

    of the tag signal. This working model can Identify the tag’s signal,when the interference signal and the tag’s signal are in

     the same intensity or even higher than the tags’s signal,which is determined by the design of the circuit and program.

    This function can not be achieved with the old mother board.

    2. Using precise frequency technology.it designed as when meet the same frequency interference from the other antennas 

    in the same site,it will automatically offset the frequency.

    3.The use of advanced PWM pulse modulation technique achieve a sensitivity of automatic control servo system.This system 

    In the spot according to interference on the interference signal acquisition and use PWM modulation wave control sensitivity.

    This system can adjust the sensitivity automatically and can Maximum extent to avoid false positives.the motherboard is easy 

    to install and use,no need to adjust.

    4.Advanced twice recognition function.This system can adopt the signal in a short time when it detect the still tags around the 

    antennas.the still tags will impact on the sensitivity of the system but will not cause false alarm.when the tag is removed,the 

    system will renew to the normal sensitivity.

    5. The antenna adopts Luxurious and stylish brushed aluminum oxide , inserts 300px imported crystal clear glass,and inlays 

    brushed aluminum oxide around the glass with delicate craft, Makes it the thickness antenna in the field of EAS antitheft system.

    Installation instance:when the system work in an Ideal electromagnetic environment,with soft label it is detection range can reach 

    1500px-2000px and with hard tag it is detection range 

    can reach 60cm-100 on each side.(in different environment ,the stander detection range will be different.)


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